State Incentives

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Tax Credits and Exemptions
Economic Development for a Growing Tax Credit (EDGE)
This program rewards companies that create new jobs and contribute to the growth of Hoosier income.
Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit (HBI)
This program provides a credit against a company's Indiana tax liability to encourage capital investment in Indiana.

Venture Investment Tax Credit (VCI)
Program assists Indiana companies in raising capital by offering a tax incentive to individual and corporate investors.

Industrial Recovery Tax Credit 
This tax credit provides an incentive for companies to invest in facilities requiring significant rehabilitation or remodeling expense.

Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit (HQRTC)
A business that relocates its corporate headquarters (as defined by state statue) to Indiana, may receive a credit against its state tax liability equal to half of the costs incurred in relocating the headquarters.  A company must have worldwide annual revenue of at least $100 million to qualify.
Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit
The R&D Tax Credit provides an incentive for business investment by providing a credit against state tax liability for qualified company research expenses.  The tax credit is based on the increase of R&D in Indiana over a three-year period.  The program is administered by the Indiana Department of Revenue.
Patent Income Tax Exemption
certain income derived from qualified patents and earned by a taxpayer are exempt from taxation. May claim exemption for ten years with respect to a particular patent. Patent Income Tax Exemption is established by IC 6-3-2-21.7. 
Community Revitalization Enhancement District (CReED) 
Provides incentive for investing in community revitalization enhancement districts. The credit is established by Ind. Code 6-3.1-19.
Special Programs

Industrial Development Grant Fund 
The IEDC provides financial support for infrastructure improvements in conjunction with projects creating jobs and generating capital investment in Indiana.  This grant provides money to local governments for off-site infrastructure projects associated with an expansion of an existing Indiana company or the location of a new facility in Indiana. State funding through the IDGF program must be matched by a combination of local government and company financial support.  The IDGF is established by I.C. 5-28-25.

The Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF)
Provides financial assistance to businesses committed to training their Indiana workforce by offering grants that reimburse a portion of a company’s eligible training costs over a two-year term. Each SEF application is evaluated on its merits. Companies may reapply for additional SEF funds after their initial grant is successfully completed. The SEF Program is established under IC 5-28-7.
The Next Level Jobs Employer Training Grant 
Reimburses employers up to $5000 for each newly-trained employee, hired and retained for six months. There is a $50,000 cap for each employer. Jobs must be middle skill, high-demand and high-wage. Click this link to learn more and see if you are eligible.