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Demographic Facts
DeKalb County has experienced slow, but steady growth over the last 50 years with the population increasing nearly 14,000 residents.  The ratio of females to males is 50% with the workforce representing nearly 50% of the county's population.  In fact, the median age of DeKalb County's workforce is younger (34.7 years) than the State of Indiana and the U.S

Little Known Facts
  • DeKalb County is named after Johann Baron de Kalb, a revolutionary war hero 
  • The cost of living in DeKalb County is 16% less than the national average
  • Public schools in DeKalb County spend $345 more per student than the national average
  • The homeownership rate is 78.77%
  • Average commute time is 21 minutes
  • DeKalb County is 362.8 square miles of which only 1.03% is water
  • Renters make up 21.23% of the county's population

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