Market Distance
DeKalb County has direct access to key markets without the high cost of doing business there.

·   More than 1/2 of all US manufacturers produce at least 1/3 of their goods within one day travel

·   More than 1/3 of all Americans & 2/3 of all Canadians live within 1 day  travel

Source: NIPSCO, Economic Development

Travel - By The Numbers

DeKalb Co. to:


Drive Time



3 hr.



3 ½ hr.



3 hr.



4 hr.



6 hr

St. Louis


7 ½ hr.

Ground Transportation — Highways
DeKalb County is strategically situated along Interstate 69 connecting DeKalb County to Fort Wayne and Indianapolis to the south and to the Great Lakes region to the north.  In addition, Interstate 80-90 is located 30 miles north of DeKalb County via Interstate 69 that allows for easy access to prime markets including: Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, Philadelphia and New York.  US 6 as well as Indiana 1, 3, 8, 101, 205 and 327, and 427 run through DeKalb County.

Ground Transportation —Car Rental, Limo and Taxi Service
DeKalb County offers many other choices in ground transportation, including several car rental agencies. Limo and taxi services are also available, and can be located using the Yellow Pages. Rates and services vary.

CSX and Norfolk Southern Railway provide rail freight service to the area. The carriers maintain local reciprocal switching agreements. Rail passenger service is available at the Amtrak terminal located in Waterloo, Indiana in DeKalb County.

DeKalb County Airport Authority (GWB)
5,003 foot runway 9/27
ILS - Instrument Landing System (200-1/2)
AWOS 124.14
UNICOM 123.0
FW Approach 126.6
Pilot's Lounge, Meeting Rooms, Concierge Services
FBO-Century Aviation (260) 927-1845 

Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA)
 30 miles from DeKalb County
 Multiple airlines with approximately 100 nonstop flights daily
 12,000-foot runway, one of the longest in the nation
 Click here to see an arrival and departure schedule at FWA

Burns International Harbor

The Norfolk Southern Railway line provides direct access to the Burns International Harbor.  A 3-hour drive from DeKalb County, Burns Harbor provides access to 22 states and 40% of the US market.  The harbor is located on Lake Michigan, 30 miles East of Chicago and is one of the world's largest inland harbors. Burns International Harbor offers year-round barge access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The 500-acre harbor provides a comprehensive list of services.

Toledo-Lucas County Port
Approximately two hours from DeKalb County is the Toledo-Lucas County Port.  It is a diversified world cargo hub on the Great Lakes/Saint Lawrence Seaway system that also has a full-service regional airport; two of America's major highways; and Ohio's busiest passenger rail terminal..